About FitSista.

Based in East Yorkshire, FitSista was established in 2010 and is run by a fully qualified female Personal Trainer. Providing Personal Training, Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, Nutrition and Weight Management, Group Training and Boxercise classes. Offering the Motivation, Inspiration, Support and Expertise to enable you to achieve your ultimate Health and Fitness goals.

About Me.

Hi I’m Sarah Winn and I have a great passion for Health and Fitness! I began FitSista in 2010 after going through my very own Health and Fitness journey (I was once overweight and unfit myself!) Now in my 40’s and feeling fit and fantastic, I truly believe that leading a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle brings so many amazing benefits – both physically and mentally. I really love my job as a Personal Trainer as it enables me to Motivate and Inspire other people to embrace this Lifestyle too!

Personal Training.


Training sessions can be taken when or where is most convenient to you – either in the privacy of your own home, at work, or outdoors and we bring the Fit Kit too!

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching.


For long term Healthy Lifestyle changes that bring results, assessing your current lifestyle and adopting good habits that replace bad ones is an important part of the process of change.

Nutrition Management.


Providing Healthy, Safe and effective meal planning through calorie control and macronutrient balance according to your specific dietary goals.


Group Training.

Group Training Sessions can follow a variety of styles: Circuits, Conditioning, Boxercise, Bootcamp, Walking, Running, Event Training and can be tailored to suit your groups needs.



Boxercise is a Full Body Workout suitable for all fitness levels and are a fun way of working out and getting rid of your stresses by punching! You’re guaranteed to work HARD.




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