Age is just a number

Age is just a number – Do you agree? I can honestly say that at 45 years old I [...]

Get active at the Office

Get Active at the Office   A recent study shows that the average British office worker spends more than [...]

Hormones and Fitness – Part One

Hormones – They’ve got a lot to answer for! No, it’s not an excuse, but it is a very [...]

Un-processing your Diet

Un-processing your Diet Recent studies have found that people who eat more processed food, consume about 500 more calories [...]

Appreciate your Journey

Do you appreciate your Journey? ‘What are your goals?’ is one of the first questions I ask new clients when [...]

Maximise your Fat Burn

Maximise your Fat Burn There are so many benefits of Exercising regularly! It’s good for your muscles and bones, [...]

Taking your Workouts Outdoors

Taking your Workouts Outdoors Fresh air, open space and (if you’re lucky) sunshine!  What’s not to love about outdoor [...]

Excuses not to Exercise

Excuses not to Exercise When it comes to exercise, if just the thought if it has you thinking of [...]

Exercise for Mental Health and Well-being

Exercise for Mental Health and Well-being We know how exercise improves our general Health and Fitness, but along with [...]

Realistic Goal Setting

Realistic Goal Setting January is the month when many people are super-motivated and make their resolutions for the year ahead. [...]

Are you a Slave to the Scales?

Are you a Slave to the Scales? Getting weighed on a regular basis can be a great indicator to [...]

Pre- Xmas Weight loss panic

The Pre- Xmas Weight loss panic is here! Are you one of the many people who started the year [...]

What’s stopping you from achieving your goals?

What’s stopping you from achieving your goals? If you want to lose a stone, drop a dress size, run [...]

A day in my life

A Day in my Life As a Personal Trainer, Class Instructor, Writer, Business owner and a single Mum, I [...]

Rest and Recovery

Rest and Recovery No matter how extensive your fitness program may be, the time you spend working out is [...]

Reasons for Overeating

Reasons for Overeating If you’re following a balanced, healthy diet to lose weight it can be very frustrating when [...]

What is the best Exercise for me?

What is the best Exercise for me? Finding the ‘best’ Exercise for you can be very confusing. You hear [...]

Which is the Best Diet to follow?

Which is the Best diet to follow? It’s the question I get asked most often……. Dieting is always confusing [...]

How much do you Sweat?

How much do you Sweat ??? When your body temperature rises your glands secrete sweat and the evaporation of moisture from your skin [...]

Festive Stress

Festive Stress The Festive Season unfortunately isn’t all about sitting around a log fire, eating Mince pies and listening [...]

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (D.O.M.S)

What exactly is D.O.M.S ? Aching muscles, sometimes referred to as D.O.M.S (Delayed onset muscle soreness) sets in sometimes [...]

When things don’t go to plan

  When Things don’t go to plan A goal is just a wish without a plan, but what happens [...]

Your Health is YOUR Responsibility

The importance of leading a Healthy lifestyle The importance of leading a Healthy lifestyle isn’t just about weight loss [...]

The Reason you’re not getting results

  The Reason you’re not getting results……. Are you wanting a Miracle innovation to answer your Body Goal prayers [...]

How my Passion for Health and Fitness started……

I haven’t always been FitSista PT – My younger years were far from the Fit and Healthy Lifestyle I [...]

Fitness Motivation

Motivation: A theoretical construct used to explain behaviour. It gives the reason for people’s actions, desires and needs Motivation [...]

Boxercise Classes

Boxercise Classes Every Wednesday 6.30pm at Bricknell Primary School. Suitable for ALL Fitness levels and ALL Welcome.

Fitness Matters

I’m proud to be a part of the Panel of Experts for the R.E.P’s (Register of Exercise Professionals) Fitness [...]

The Importance of Sleep

Getting enough Sleep is just as important for your Health as Exercise and Good Nutrition. Sleep deprivation can not [...]