During the past 2 years of the pandemic, fitness has been a rollercoaster ride! Lockdowns, gyms having to close or having to stay at home to isolate has meant that your usual gym routine may have gone through many changes.  Some of you may have given up with it altogether, although many people have started on a completely new fitness journey, with lots of direction changes along the way!

Adapting to the ever-changing situation whilst keeping a regular training routine going has been challenging, but the great thing that has come out of it is that now there are so many different ways to Workout!


But which is the best way to train to give you the best results?

Online Training

  • Easily accessible – all you need is an internet connection.
  • No need to leave the house – if you just can’t get out for whatever reason.
  • Cost effective – online training is generally cheaper.
  • Time effective – your times not wasted stuck in traffic driving to the gym.
  • Not limited by restrictions – hopefully lockdown won’t return, but if it does…..
  • Whatever the weather – no need to venture out in the cold, dark, rain or snow.
  • Anywhere, anytime – training to suit your schedule, at home or away.
  • No childcare required – you could even get the kids to join in.
  • Privacy – not everyone wants to be surrounded by others when they’re getting a sweat on.


In-Person Training

  • Gives you face to face interaction – training with other people may motivate you more.
  • You don’t need your own equipment – everything is provided.
  • Dedicated training space – if you haven’t got the space at home.
  • More sociable – workout buddies can make exercise more fun.
  • It gets you out of the house – If getting out the house is your me-time.
  • Less distraction – nobody is going to ask you ‘What’s for dinner’ mid-workout.
  • Facilities – if you’re attending a gym, you may get the pool and the showers too.


Online and In-person training both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s really whichever way you prefer to workout.  Ultimately the most important factor in getting results is if you stay consistent with your training so chose whichever way works best for you!