Following a Healthy lifestyle isn’t just important, its ESSENTIAL for maintaining overall good Health and Wellbeing. Yet quite often ‘wanting to lose weight’ is the only reason many people start to follow a Healthy Diet and Exercise.

Yes, if you’re overweight then losing weight is a really good reason to improve your health. But there are so many other benefits to following a healthy diet and an active lifestyle to consider that are just as important, if not more!

When you’re in your younger years, things like avoiding heart disease and improving bone strength may not seem as important. They won’t necessarily be the main motivation you use for being healthy – it’s usually all about looking good (which is a great motivator too!). But as you get older you start to appreciate that investing in your health is actually crucial to live a long, happy, healthy life.

It’s not just when you’re old and frail. Living a healthy life can have an impact on your brain function when you’re studying, your fertility rate when you’re trying to conceive or your energy levels when you’re juggling a busy job and family life. Yes, the lifestyle you lead now will play a part in your future health. All these things (plus many more) can be managed so much better if you’re healthy!

By leading a healthy lifestyle, YOU have the power to impact your future health!

Eating a healthy diet and regular exercising can benefit:
Physical Health – Preventing many Illnesses and serious Health conditions.
Mental Health – How you think, feel, behave, sleep and manage stress.
Strength – Keeping your muscles and bones strong and improving your ability to do everyday activities.
Flexibility – Improving mobility, posture and decreasing injury risk.

Diet and exercise isn’t just for the dress size or the number on the scales, it’s vital for your good health – both now and in the future.

And as a bonus, following a healthy lifestyle makes you FEEL GOOD too!