Boxercise is a great Full body workout! All ages, all shapes and sizes, from beginner to
advanced, classes are suitable for all fitness levels. Working at your own pace,
encouraged by not only the instructor, but other class members too, Boxercise sessions motivate you to keep working at your best. It’s such a fun environment, that you really don’t realise how hard you’re working!

Calorie Burning

Full Body




Great for calorie burning, relieving stress and you’ll always leave feeling amazing –

What To Expect


Burn some serious calories and improve your agility


Increase your Upper body, Lower body and core strength


Learn a new self-defence technique

What My Class Members Are Saying


Sarah is a great trainer, she works hard to meet everyone’s level and push you that bit further. She also gives great advice on technique. It’s no easy work out, but if it was easy it wouldn’t work :)

Elke Skelter


Fun, friendly classes run by an equally fun and friendly trainer. But don’t get me wrong, you WILL get a thorough workout. It doesn’t end there. If you follow Sarah’s Facebook page, you get motivation, healthy eating and all round healthy lifestyle advice. Very highly recommended.

Tamiwe Loughlin

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