Why Choose FitSista to be your Personal Trainer.

I provide Motivation, Inspiration, Support, Expertise – not just from my own Personal experience (I really have been there myself!) but from working with many different types of Clients to find out what actually works and what doesn’t, for each individual.

Bringing the Workout to you.

Don’t like the gym? Want to train Outdoors? Are you a group of friends / colleagues who want to Workout together? I’m a Mobile Personal Trainer and training sessions can be wherever and whenever is convenient to you!

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle – Eat Better, Move more, Sleep well, you’ll feel the benefits both Physically and Mentally.

Personal Training.

Personal Training sessions are tailored to suit each individuals needs and goals with a training programme designed specifically for them. There is no ‘One size fits all’ approach to fitness – each clients goals, motivations and preferences are different.

Training sessions can be taken when or where is most convenient to you – at your preferred location, either in the privacy of your own home, at work, or outdoors. Sessions are designed to be safe, effective and Get Results – our goal is to help you to look and feel great!

Whatever your age, ability, size or shape, FitSista aims to motivate and empower you to transform your body – anything is possible with a positive approach to training, diet and lifestyle changes.

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  • checkEmpower
  • checkTransform
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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching.

It’s not just all about the Exercise – General Wellness, Stress, Sleep, Relaxation and Positivity are also factors that will enable you to take on a Healthier approach to your life. For long term changes that bring results, adopting good habits that replace bad ones is an important part of the process and assessing your current lifestyle, setting personal goals and setting an appropriate and realistic plan to achieve it will enable you to become a Fitter, Healthier and Happier version of you.

  • checkGood Habits
  • checkFitter
  • checkHealthier
  • checkHappier

Group Training.

Group Training Sessions are planned and adapted according to your exact requirements and are suitable for all levels of fitness. They can follow a variety of styles: Circuits, Conditioning, Boxercise, Bootcamp, Walking or Running, Event Training. All of which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Sessions can be held at your preferred location either Home, Workplace or Outdoors. Group Training is ideal for Private Groups (4 or more participants), Corporate, Events, Clubs or Community Projects.

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Nutrition and Weight Management.

The correct nutrition has a great impact on not just your overall health, but to manage your weight, target specific deficiencies, compliment your training goals and give you more energy!

Devising healthy, safe and effective meal planning for the individual by adopting sensible eating habits and designing the correct diet strategies according to your goals by using food groups, calorie control and macronutrient balance.


Boxercise is a great Full body workout! All ages, all shapes and sizes, from beginner to advanced, classes are suitable for all fitness levels. Working at your own pace, encouraged by not only the instructor, but other class members too, Boxercise sessions motivate you to keep working at your best. It’s such a fun environment, that you really don’t realise how hard you’re working!

Great for calorie burning, relieving stress and you’ll always leave feeling amazing – Guaranteed!

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